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Positive affirmations colouring pages for kids

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Are you worried that your children are absorbing all the negative comments and labels that the society is inflicting upon them? 

As a parent you want them to succeed in life. You want your kids to be able to overcome challenges, build resilience and become the heroes they want to be. 

But then you hear a family member, or a teacher or their friends calling them mean names like “dumb” or “ugly”.  Or you might hear others labelling them or judging them on the basis of their failures. Children absorb these “negative and untrue” words like a sponge and believe them as if they are true. 

Science has proven that the words we hear on a daily basis shape our character and influences our belief system. We are what we believe and the path of our life depends upon the beliefs we have.

So you do want your kids to think positively and face struggles with the mindset of a problem-solver. You don’t want your kids to believe the negative things said to them and settle for less than what they are meant for. 


Helps to develop a growth mindset

  • Postive thinking helps kids to take positive actions
  • Affirmations help them to undo the effects of negative words
  • Helps kids realize they have control over their thoughts and that their thoughts have power

Stimulates creativity & improves focus

  • Helps to improve imagination and fine motor skills
  • Helps to improve handwriting
  • Improves focus and attention span
  • Helps to become mindful

Provides stress relief & improves mental health

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Helps to slow down and feel calm
  • Boosts mental clarity
  • List Item

Engage kids anywhere

  • A great screen-free alternative to engage kids
  • Engage kids when you are stuck on a long flight or stuck indoors during bad weather
  • Connect with kids by turning coloring into a family activity


  • 20 pages of printable coloring sheets in PDF format
  • Each coloring sheet has a positive affirmation written on it
  • Suitable for kids aged between 6-12

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Most frequent questions and answers

Is the coloring book available in print?

No. This is a digital download that you can purchase , download and print instantly. No physical items will be mailed to you.

What is the page size?

All pages are sized at 8.5 x 11″ (US Letter Size). However, you can print it in A4 paper too, by adjusting the setting in your printer at the time of printing. 

How long will it take me to get the book?

When your purchase is confirmed, you will be sent an email with your purchase receipt and the link to download the book instantly. 

do you offer a refund?

At this time, I do not offer a refund. But if you have any problem with the purchase, you can contact me right away at [email protected]

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