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Mom Life

When you become a mom, the life you had takes a back seat and you learn to watch yourself through new lenses. Your whole life changes and you learn to face the challenges one by one.

Whatever be the challenge you are facing, please know that you’re not alone in it. And therefore, we can help each other by talking about what has worked for us. Here, I hope to share my experiences, tips, and tricks on making motherhood more fun and enjoyable.

What can you expect on this page?

This page has information on dealing with various aspects of a mom’s life like:

  • Running a home which includes cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc.
  • Routines and planning to simplify and bring order to your chaos
  • The good and ugly aspects of being a mom (moms need to vent, right?)

Being a mom

Routines & Planning

Home Hacks

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