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100+ things to declutter from your home right now

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Do you want your house to look clutter-free instantly? 

When it comes to decluttering, there are easy and hard things to get rid of. If you want to get rid of unwanted items fast, starting with easy and small things is the best.

It will immediately clear up space and you will feel better. You can do it as part of your ten-minute decluttering project, or when you come across them. 

Without much ado, let’s see what are some easy things to declutter your home right now.


  1. Chipped plates and glasses
  2. Containers without lids
  3. Plastic containers that are discolored
  4. Small kitchen appliances you have used only once or twice and never liked 
  5. Expired spices and condiments
  6. Expired food items
  7. Packets of chips/cookies/cereals that you opened and didn’t finish and are now past the expiry date
  8. Broken appliances 
  9. Pots and pans with no handles
  10. Dishcloths, sponges, and rags that are way too old and overused (they could be housing millions of bacteria, yuck!)
  11. Empty bottles 
  12. Cookbooks you don’t read anymore (come on, which recipe can’t we find online now?)
  13. Old appliance manuals (most of them are available online as pdfs in case you need them sometime in the future. Check before throwing them out.)


  1. CDs and DVDs that you will never watch again
  2. Magazines that are more than a year old
  3. Expired coupons
  4. VHS, floppy disks, cassettes, etc. if you still have them
  5. Unused and damaged cables
  6. Candles
  7. Books you will never read again
  8. Invitation cards, greeting cards, business cards
  9. Unused electronics (DVD player, video game players, etc)
  10. The exercise equipment that you don’t use
  11. Vases
  12. Holiday decorations that are worn out
  13. Dead plants
  14. Decorations you don’t love and never use
  15. Excess shopping bags
  16. Old remotes
  17. Craft supplies you don’t need anymore
  18. Board or card games that everyone got tired of
  19. Old keys


  1. Sunglasses
  2. Empty sunglasses/spectacles cases
  3. Old handbags and wallets
  4. Socks with missing pair
  5. Mismatched items
  6. Underwears/pants/stockings with holes or stretched elastic
  7. Worn out bras
  8. Old/outgrown shoes
  9. Broken jewelry or jewelry that you no longer wear
  10. Belts
  11. Clothes that don’t fit 
  12. Clothes that you are not interested in anymore
  13. Make-up brushes
  14. Expired cosmetics
  15. Make-up items that didn’t match your expectations and the ones that don’t suit your skin
  16. Stretched hair ties
  17. Broken hair clips 
  18. Combs with broken teeth
  19. Old perfumes
  20. Expired medicines


  1. Old toothbrushes
  2. Worn bath towels (you can reuse them in the kitchen)
  3. Toiletries you don’t love 
  4. Almost empty bottles that you wanted to squeeze and kill, but not happening
  5. Soap slivers
  6. Cleaning products that you don’t use
  7. Travel-sized toiletries you sneaked from your last hotel stay (you thought you would use it, but you are not using it)


  1. Outgrown baby gear (sob, sob!!!)
  2. Outgrown clothes
  3. Broken toys and toys they don’t play with anymore
  4. Stuffed toys that are ripped
  5. Puzzles with missing pieces
  6. Artwork (it’s hard to get rid of artworks due to the sentiments attached to them, keep what’s most important for you. You can also take photographs of the artworks and make an album out of it)
  7. Old school backpacks/bottles/notebooks/textbooks/pouches
  8. Evaluation papers, assignments, records, files, etc from the previous academic years
  9. Kids’ accessories (hair clips, bows, belts, bracelets, etc.)


  1. Unnecessary furniture 
  2. Home decor items that you got tired of
  3. Worn bedding and pillows
  4. Torn quilts


Before ditching damaged electronic devices, you might need to take a back up of the data in them. Spend some time for it before decluttering.

  1. Old cell phones/laptops/chargers
  2. Damaged Bluetooth and memory devices
  3. Adapters that don’t work


  1. Finished paperwork
  2. Junk mail
  3. Dried out pens and markers
  4. Old notebooks
  5. Sticky notes past their reminder dates
  6. Old bills and receipts
  7. Old phone books
  8. Old dictionaries 
  9. Expired gift cards
  10. Old calendars
  11. Staplers, punchers, etc that don’t work
  12. Bank statements
  13. Office supplies you bought on a whim but have never found a use for
  14. Photos that are damaged beyond repair


  1. Broken tools
  2. Sports, music or other hobby accessories
  3. Broken furniture
  4. Old paint cans
  5. Old newspapers
  6. Expired manure and other garden supplies


Digital clutter can cause as much stress as physical clutter. Do a digital declutter once in a while to keep yourself less busy so that you can live a more mindful offline life.

  1. Unsubscribe from emails from marketers whose advice you have grown out of and don’t entice you anymore
  2. Unsubscribe from promotional emails from stores you don’t buy anything and don’t intend to in future
  3.  Unfollow people on social media who don’t provide any significant value in your life
  4. Unfollow people whose lives make you anxious and unhappy
  5. Delete unused apps and games from your phone
  6. Delete the 101 pictures your kid took within 3 seconds, all in the same pose (Warning: this may take you some time)
  7. Delete bad photos 
  8. Delete the contacts you don’t need anymore
  9. Make space for every file on your desktop home page in a related folder

I always prefer to do daily decluttering than monthly or yearly ones. It keeps me from getting overwhelmed with big decluttering tasks later. So, having this list is helpful because I can do instant decluttering then and there than waiting for a perfect day. 

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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.